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A space to celebrate people who inspire us.

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Fashion and Style Writer

We chatted with Christian Allaire (Ojibwe), Fashion and Style Writer at Vogue Magazine, about all things fashion, art, and style, including his new best selling book The Power of Style.

Christian wears the Diorite Coat from EMME Studios Spring Summer 2021 OBSIDIAN FLOW collection, online now.

ES:  How has your style changed in the post lockdown world?


CA: Now that I am getting dressed up again, I've really been gravitating towards labels and designers that have a real purpose. Whether it's sustainability, embracing culture, or innovating with design, I want to wear pieces that have an interesting backstory to them. This isn't something that I've necessarily thought of before the pandemic; I used to want things simply because they are pretty. Now, I realize fashion can be both pretty and meaningful. 

ES: What is one trend you wish had stuck? 


CA: I've always been a fan of flared jeans, so I am glad they are coming back now! I get to live my 1970s fantasy.


ES: What’s next in your writing career? 


CA: I just published my book, The Power of Style, and I hope to do a follow-up to it—there is so much more cultural fashion to cover. I also hope to continue exploring this for Vogue. 

ES: Describe yourself in 5 words?

CA: Curious. Honest. Open. Loving. Silly.


ES: What do you hope readers gain from your book?


CA: My hope for the book is that one kid out there reads it and feels inspired to experiment with their look. I wrote it for kids, and kids often only want to dress how their friends dress. They want to dress like their favorite celebrities. I certainly did. But we all come from unique cultures and backgrounds, and I want people to feel confident and proud to rock their own cultural clothing. 

ES: What visual artist speaks to you the most? 


CA: Christi Belcourt is one of my favorites. I can stare at her paintings for hours and hours. The way she dots her paintings is insane.



ES: Where do you see the future of Indigenous fashion? 


CA: The future of Indigenous fashion is bright. Every day, I am coming across a new label who is innovating and honoring their culture in really interesting ways. We're now seeing Indigenous streetwear, swimwear, shoe lines, makeup lines. It's total world domination and I live for it. For too long, the fashion industry has ignored Indigenous talent—but now it is becoming impossible. And thank god. 


ES: What would your younger self think about the person you have become today?


CA: I would think I'm so cool. Never could have I imagined I'd be living in New York, working at Vogue in my dream job, surrounded by amazing friends. Anything is possible!

Follow Christian Allaire:

Instagram @ChrisjAllaire

Vogue: Christian Allaire


Deyah Cassadore

Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

We chatted with Deyah Cassadore (Whitemountain & San Carlos Apache), Hair expert and creator, about all things beauty, style, and community.

Deyah carries the Obsidian Handbag from EMME Studios Spring Summer 2021 OBSIDIAN FLOW collection, online now.

ES:  What are you most inspired by?


DC: My community, friends, and family.

ES: Describe yourself in 5 words.

DC: Ambitious, gregarious, resilient, loving, compassionate 

ES: Where do you see the future of Indigenous fashion?

DC: Honestly, I believe Indigenous fashion is the future! For too long our designs have been culturally appropriated and called “Fashion". I’m so excited to see all Indigenous/First Nation up-and-coming designers, storytellers, and creative artists making moves in all industries! It's about damn TIME!!!

ES: What is your favorite part of working in the beauty field?

DC: Being able to break down barriers and tell my story as an N’Dee woman from the Southwest. And bringing other Indigenous Folx into this space. Also, it’s a plus to be able to create & play every time I go to work.

Images by Korina Emmerich

ES: What would your younger self think about the person you have become today?


DC:  I think I would be in awe. The little rez girl had no idea I would be doing this now, living in Lenapehoking.

ES: What advice would you give for people interested in starting in the hair/beauty sector of Fashion?

DC: Do it! Stand out of your own way! (something I’m still learning as well)

Our ideas, stories, voices, and experiences need to be heard. And DM me. I’ll gladly answer your questions and try my best to help in any way I can. I am lucky enough to have a mentor and friendship with the sickeningly talented Amy Farid who showed me the ropes. Mad love for her always. 

Follow Deyah Cassadore:

Instagram @deyah_cassadore


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